House Cleaning Services Enfield

Homes Cleaned

  • 273 House cleaned daily
  • 847 Carpets cleaned
  • More than 1300 homes protected
  • 360 Ovens cleaned
Cleaning Tasks Done

  • 285 Upholsteries cleaned
  • Over 1200 Deep cleaned homes
  • 123 Offices cleaned daily
  • More than 600 tenants use us

house cleaningJust like you take pride in your job and strive to be the best, we do the same. Our house cleaning services in Enfield the perfect choice of the demanding people, who are in search of sparkling indoor conditions. Similar to the Olympians pressing harder in strive for the gold, we strive for the highest customer rate, which is possible only through hard work.

Our hands are old in this trade and the thousands of cleaning projects have enriched our knowledge to unrivalled level. We are in search of long-lasting relations with our customers and we understand that if we don’t perform best, you won’t hire us again. That’s why we are dedicated to please you and invest all of our efforts in maintaining namely your property. When we clean, we think of nothing else except this.

A great number of our customers in Enfield, EN1 are eager to have our house cleaning services on regular basis, because of the following strongholds of the company:

  • Insured and licensed provider with unbeatable reputation
  • Quality to the backbone of our work
  • Sanitising houses of all sizes and conditions
  • Comprehensive and friendly approach
  • No disturbance to the customer and guarantee for the perfect satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

rating stars 4.6 average

5 stars 80%

4 stars 15%

3 stars 4%

2 stars 1%

1 star 0%

For years, our company appears to be on the top of the trade and the watchdogs of our massive reputation are our cleaning experts. They are meticulous people, determined to erase every trail of dirt in your house. Knowing how to organise every step of the cleaning session, they won’t moon about, but start with the job straight away. We highly appreciate their loyalty and we constantly support them to better what is already the best. Our house cleaning services in Enfield are ordained with a gold medal and dominating position on the market.

To facilitate and improve their performance, we equipped them from head to toe with the most qualitative cleaning products and instruments. One of the reasons to choose namely us is that we are environmentally responsible and we apply 100 per cent organic products. This means that we spare your health from the harsh influence of the toxins.

Our in-depth cleaning covers every nook of your property. Of course, we would like to accommodate all of your preferences and comply with them. That’s why don’t hesitate to share with us your concerns and we will put great emphasis on the particular points. We cover both one-off and regular cleaning sessions with the same brilliant results.

Our booking scheme is very easy- just a phone call and everything is arranged in accordance with your wishes. To meet the constantly growing needs of our customers, we have maximised our working schedule, so that we cover 7 days a week.