House Cleaning Services Sutton

Homes Cleaned

  • 273 House cleaned daily
  • 847 Carpets cleaned
  • More than 1300 homes protected
  • 360 Ovens cleaned
Cleaning Tasks Done

  • 285 Upholsteries cleaned
  • Over 1200 Deep cleaned homes
  • 123 Offices cleaned daily
  • More than 600 tenants use us

house cleaningRushing up and down the stairs of your house in an attempt to find everything you need to clean, you spend more time on this unnecessary activity. The only good thing, which you will earn is to stay fit, but there are more pleasant ways of achieving this. That’s why hand us with the trophy called cloth and benefit from our house cleaning services, which we spread throughout Sutton, SM1.

Our company is well-established and for years we serve as the role model of excellence, which all of our competitors are only striving to achieve. The reason why no one can beat us is that we constantly improve ourselves and lift the bar. We never rely on old laurels and that’s why we wear the crown. For us, our job is more than a way to earn money, it is a care to our customers and their peace of mind. Every time you book with us, you entrust your most valuable- your home. That’s why we simply can’t betray your trust and we endeavour ourselves to keep your satisfaction intact.

Have a look at our list of advantages, all in your favour:

  • Reputable company with solid experience in the trade
  • Competent and disciplined cleaning experts
  • High quality performance for one-off or regular maintenance houses of all sizes
  • Complying with the unique personal needs
  • Affordable rates and discounted prices for existing customers

Customer Satisfaction

rating stars 4.6 average

5 stars 80%

4 stars 15%

3 stars 4%

2 stars 1%

1 star 0%

Our cleaning team represents the core values of our company. They are assiduous and competent people, who are very demanding to themselves and will put every effort in the assigned task. They will come just on the exact time, ready with the plan of action. Our house cleaning services in Sutton focus on high-trafficked areas, but not even a single detail remains overlooked. The reason is that our cleaners work in a very systematic way, without jumping from place to place.

We understand that you may feel insecure about having strangers at home, but all of our cleaners are fully insured and strictly checked for public liability. Your property will be taken good care of, leaving it absolutely flawless. We protect your interest at every level, so no need to worry about anything.

For added convenience, we cover also the cleaning materials, which are the best on the market. We apply detergents, which are absolutely toxin-free and health-friendly. You can have our green house cleaning services in Sutton with a simple phone call.