House Cleaning Services Watford

Homes Cleaned

  • 273 House cleaned daily
  • 847 Carpets cleaned
  • More than 1300 homes protected
  • 360 Ovens cleaned
Cleaning Tasks Done

  • 285 Upholsteries cleaned
  • Over 1200 Deep cleaned homes
  • 123 Offices cleaned daily
  • More than 600 tenants use us

house cleaningBeing a parent, it means that you work a full time job, without the right to stop for a break or take a holiday. You most probably would like to help your kids with the school project or to take up a hobby with them, instead to scrub all day. That’s why we would like to welcome you to benefit from our expertise and that is namely house cleaning services, which are available for the needs of all the residents in Watford.

We have cultivated our knowledge with years of hard work and neverending hunger for new challenges. From the first day of our work, we have always managed to deal with every cleaning task in the utmost way. Being efficient in every aspect is our stronghold as a company. We believe in the “old school” traditions to be honest and that’s why our policy is absolutely transparent. We work with you, but not against you! Prior to sending you a cleaning team, we would like to discuss your needs and expectations, so that we can work in accordance with them.

We endeavour to satisfy you at every level and provide you with the following:

  • Disciplined and diligent cleaning techs
  • Complete peace off mind of having us
  • Absolute honesty and accountability in every aspect
  • Affordable rates and exclusive discounts for our already existing customers
  • Accurateness and convenient working appointments

Customer Satisfaction

rating stars 4.6 average

5 stars 80%

4 stars 15%

3 stars 4%

2 stars 1%

1 star 0%

To present professional demeanour in every aspect, we are very selective when it comes to hiring new members. Our workforce is in direct link with our revered customers. We know that knowledge is nothing, if not padded with devotion and determination. All of our cleaners possess great interpersonal qualities and they just love their job. To make sure that our house cleaning services in Watford are performed in the most competent way, we provide them with a training programme, which implements the highest standards.

Our ethos is to be totally customer focused, providing absolute peace of mind. That’s why we would like to save you the shopping spree in search of cleaning materials and provide you with all the needed equipment, which is of the highest efficiency. We have adopted environmentally responsible approach, so that you don’t need to stuff your lungs with the all the chemicals from the Periodic table.

Get in touch with our support centre and ask our comprehensive representatives for more information, regarding our house cleaning services in Watford. We are available every time you need us, without charging you extra for weekends and holidays.